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K Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

K Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

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Beautify your pet's daily ensemble with our "Rosemaling Pet Tag," showcasing the letter "K" in the traditional Norwegian rosemaling style. This pet tag elevates everyday identification to a work of art, adorning your pet with a touch of cultural elegance and safeguarding them with its distinctive design. 🐕🐈 🐾 🏷️ 🌟

Durability Meets Style: Crafted for the adventurous spirit of your pet, this tag merges the resilience required for daily wear with the aesthetic grace of rosemaling. It's equipped to accompany your pet on every journey and restful pause, offering both durability and a flair of Norwegian beauty. 💪🌳 🐶

Printed on Both Sides: The rosemaling "K" graces both sides of the tag, ensuring that your pet's initial is visible from any direction. This dual-sided approach allows the full splendor of the design to be showcased, keeping your pet's identity prominent and stylish at all times. 🔄🏷️ 🔗

Metal Clip Included: A robust metal clip accompanies each tag for seamless attachment to your pet’s collar. This clip provides a secure hold, ensuring the tag stays in place during playful romps and tranquil strolls alike, reflecting your care and commitment to their well-being. 🐾🔒

A Symbol of Love and Identity: Featuring the letter "K" in a rosemaling pattern, this "Rosemaling Pet Tag" transcends its practical purpose, becoming a symbol of your affection and your pet’s unique persona. It makes an exceptional gift for pet enthusiasts or a personal touch to your pet's collar, infusing it with the legacy of Norwegian tradition. 🐾❤️

Enhance your pet's collar with this personalized tag, not only for safety but also to celebrate the heritage of Norwegian rosemaling, adding a meaningful accent to every moment spent with your pet. 🛒🐾

Product Details: This durable, white-coated solid metal tag features the "K" design printed on both sides, complete with a 1" round shape for a noticeable but unobtrusive addition to your pet’s collar. It includes a metal clip for easy attachment, blending practicality with the enchanting allure of Scandinavian art.

Adorn your pet with the "Rosemaling Pet Tag" featuring the letter "K," and let them carry a piece of art and heritage wherever they go. 🛍️🐾

: Print on both sides

.: Material: white coated solid metal

.: Size: 1" round

.: Metal clip included

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