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Z Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

Z Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

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Conclude your pet's accessory collection with a flourish of Norwegian artistry by choosing our "Rosemaling Pet Tag," adorned with the letter "Z" in the captivating style of traditional rosemaling. This pet tag transcends its utilitarian role, serving as a statement piece that not only ensures your pet's safety but also adorns their collar with a unique emblem of cultural beauty. 🐕🐈 🐾 🏷️ 🌟

Durability Meets Style: Engineered to stand up to the lively spirit of your pet, this tag blends the indispensable durability for active lifestyles with the decorative finesse of rosemaling. It promises to keep its artistic integrity and purposefulness throughout your pet's daily explorations and relaxations. 💪🌳 🐶

Printed on Both Sides: The "Z" design, featuring the intricate and vibrant patterns unique to rosemaling, is prominently printed on both sides of the tag. This ensures that your pet's initial is always visible and presented with elegance, allowing the artwork to be admired from every perspective. 🔄🏷️ 🔗

Metal Clip Included: The tag comes equipped with a sturdy metal clip, facilitating effortless attachment to your pet's collar. This clip is designed for lasting durability and secure fit, keeping the tag in place through every adventure and ensuring your pet's identification is always at hand. 🐾🔒

A Symbol of Love and Identity: Opting for the "Rosemaling Pet Tag" with the letter "Z" not only identifies your pet but also showcases a piece of Norwegian cultural artistry and your affection for them. It's the perfect final touch for your pet's collar or a thoughtful gift for another pet lover, adding personal flair and tradition. 🐾❤️

With this personalized pet tag, every day becomes an opportunity to celebrate the heritage of Norwegian rosemaling, enriching your pet's presence with an artistic and meaningful touch. 🛒🐾

Product Details: Made from durable, white-coated solid metal, this 1" round tag features the "Z" rosemaling design on both sides, complete with a metal clip for easy collar attachment. It merges the practical need for pet identification with the enchanting allure of Scandinavian craftsmanship.

Gift your pet the elegance of Norwegian rosemaling with the "Rosemaling Pet Tag" featuring the letter "Z," a distinguished accessory that elevates their daily look and safety. 🛍️🐾

: Print on both sides

.: Material: white coated solid metal

.: Size: 1" round

.: Metal clip included

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