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R Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

R Rosemaling Alphabet Pet Tag Rosemaling Norwegian Personalized Pet Tag

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Bring the splendor of Norwegian craftsmanship to your pet's daily ensemble with our "Rosemaling Pet Tag," featuring the letter "R" in the exquisite rosemaling style. This pet tag does more than identify your beloved companion; it adorns them with a piece of cultural art, adding an element of traditional elegance to their collar while ensuring their safety. 🐕🐈 🐾 🏷️ 🌟

Durability Meets Style: Specially crafted to withstand the vibrant lifestyle of your pet, this tag merges the enduring strength required for daily adventures with the decorative finesse of rosemaling. It's prepared to accompany your pet on every journey and moment of relaxation, preserving its beauty and effectiveness. 💪🌳 🐶

Printed on Both Sides: The "R" design, replete with the colorful and intricate patterns characteristic of rosemaling, is meticulously printed on both sides of the tag. This ensures that the charm of the design is visible from all angles, making your pet's tag a moving piece of art that's as functional as it is beautiful. 🔄🏷️ 🔗

Metal Clip Included: To ease attachment to your pet's collar, the tag includes a strong metal clip. This clip is designed for durability and simplicity, securing the tag in place through all your pet's escapades and ensuring their identification is always attached. 🐾🔒

A Symbol of Love and Identity: Featuring the letter "R" in a rosemaling pattern, this "Rosemaling Pet Tag" elevates from a simple accessory to a representation of your pet's unique identity and your love for them. It's an excellent choice for personalizing your pet's collar or as a thoughtful gift, infusing it with a hint of Norwegian tradition and personal charm. 🐾❤️

Adorn your pet’s collar with this personalized tag that not only ensures their safety but also pays tribute to the rich heritage of Norwegian rosemaling, adding a layer of significance to every moment spent together. 🛒🐾

Product Details: This tag is constructed from solid metal with a white coating to enhance the visibility of the "R" rosemaling design printed on both sides. The 1" round shape is complemented with a metal clip for easy collar attachment, offering a blend of utility and the timeless elegance of Scandinavian art.

Enhance your pet’s collar with the "Rosemaling Pet Tag" featuring the letter "R," and let them showcase a piece of Norwegian artistry wherever they go. 🛍️🐾

: Print on both sides

.: Material: white coated solid metal

.: Size: 1" round

.: Metal clip included

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